ART Pixel CG Conference 2015

Виставковий центр "Південний-EXPO" Щирецька 36, Lviv, Ukraine



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ART-pixel CG conference 2015 - must-visit event for computer graphics ART-pixel CG conference 2015 - an annual event, which brings together creative people, who are interested in animation, advertisement, game design, sculpture and digital graphics in order to develop computer graphics in Lviv as well as in Ukraine. This year conference will be held for a third time and it will offer even more practical workshops, exciting speeches and surprises for participants. Prominent designers and Ukrainian studios are invited to Art-pixel. Also speakers from Poland and Moldova will share their experience at the conference. Over 40 outstanding speakers and more than 400 participants will take part in the conference. See you December 5 on conference! Do not miss the fun!

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